"After 60 years of hard work, CJCC has grown up into a large state-owned enterprise group integrating domestic and foreign project contracting, project management and investment services. It is an international, diversified and professional construction integration service provider. It has left a strong mark in the domestic and foreign construction engineering market.

Strive for a new era. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, CJCC is ready to seize the multiple opportunities of overlapping national strategies, strive to be the first and give full play to the advantages of provincial state-owned enterprises. CJCC will take the 335 strategic plan as the guide, stick to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and focus on engineering. The construction business is oriented to serve the new development pattern of ""dual circulation"", and show the new achievements of state-owned enterprises in the new urbanization construction and the joint construction of the ""One Belt One Road"".

A thousand miles begins with a single step. On the road of high-quality development,China Jiangsu Construction Group Co., Ltd.is willing to work together with you to create a better life with buildings!"